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Camping & Outdoor information in Meigs County, OH

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The Meigs County Health Department is required to inspect all campgrounds to assure that they are maintained and safe to enjoy. RV parks and campgrounds are subject to the rules for construction, layout, drainage, sanitation, safety and operation as specified in OAC 3701-26.


Below is a List of Campgrounds in Meigs County:

  • Forked Run State Park
  • Gathering Waters Campground
  • Maplewood Lake Campground
  • Kountry Campground
  • Lock 24 RV Park
  • Lets Dock Campground
  • Hendrix’s Campground
  • Karr Farms Campground
  • Wisteria

Ohio law requires that “anyone who has knowledge” of a person that is bitten by an animal, specifically mammals, a bite incident report should be made to the health department where the bite occurred (OAC 3701-3-28


This report should be made within 24 hours of the bite. If the animal is a species at risk for rabies, the Meigs County Health Department may quarantine it for typically ten days from the date of the bite. Quarantine period may occur at the owners property or at the local dog pound. Information from their investigation may provide timely medical care for the person bitten / exposed if rabies is found.


When making a bite report, be prepared to provide the local health departments with a description of the biting animal, owner of the animal, person exposed, location of where the bite happened, rabies vaccination status of the animal (if known) and how the bite occurred.


Bite wounds should be thoroughly washed with soap and water as soon as possible. With any animal bite, consult with your physician.


Animal Bite Prevention Tips

  • Avoid – contact with wild animals and animals you do not know.
  • Vaccinate – your dogs, cats and ferrets for rabies and keep them current.
  • Call – your doctor if you are bitten. Call your veterinarian if your pet fought with a wild animal and call your local health department to report the incident.


  1. Download Animal Bite Report From Here

Meigs County Health Department Mosquito Surveillance Data (

Mosquito Trap Locations

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