Tattoos & Body Piercings in Meigs County, OH

All tattoo and body piercing businesses must be approved and inspected by the local health department. Statewide rules for tattoo and body piercing were adopted in 1998 and Meigs County Health Department uses these rules to approve and inspect tattoo and body piercing businesses in Meigs County. Tattooing or piercing outside the business is prohibited unless the board of health has approved a time-limited operation. The main focuses of this program is to prevent the spread of communicable diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV, and Staph infections.

General Requirements

  • General cleanliness and sanitation of the business and procedure rooms
  • Minimum lighting requirements
  • Staff is trained in first aid, control of blood borne pathogens and proper aftercare


Before and During Tattooing or Piercing

  • Consent to tattoo or pierce need to be completed prior to tattooing or piercing
  • Tattooing or piercing of minors is not permitted without written consent and the presence of a parent or legal guardian
  • Hand washing is done before procedures
  • Clean, new disposable gloves are used
  • Tattoo areas are cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and an antiseptic
  • Piercing areas are cleaned with an antiseptic or anti-bacterial mouthwash for oral piercings
  • All Tattoo needles and the tattoo gun tubes shall be sterile
  • All Piercing needles, jewelry, clamps and instruments shall be sterile; piercing needles are single use only
  • Disposable needles, tubes and instruments shall be placed in a sharps container
  • Needles, tubes and other instruments may be cleaned and sterilized on site or pre-sterilized and disposable
  • Piercing jewelry used at the time of the piercing shall be 316 low carbon stainless steel, 14-18 karat gold, niobium, titanium, platinum or high-density/low-porosity acrylic


After Tattooing or Piercing

  • Written aftercare instruction shall be given to the client following the procedure
  • Any reusable equipment shall be properly cleaned, disinfected and sterilized using an on-site autoclave
  • Proper sterilization is confirmed by weekly spore testing of the autoclave
  • All procedure areas and any equipment (including the tattoo gun) shall be cleaned and disinfected
  • Records of all tattooing, piercing, sterilization and spore testing shall be kept and maintained for 2 years.

Meigs County Health Department requires several steps in order to be approved to operate a tattoo, body piercing business:


Application and Plan Review

  • A completed application, a fee of $75.00, and plan review documentation are required to be submitted to our office prior to opening.
  • The application, plans and documents will be reviewed.
  • You will be contacted when review is complete. If there are any deficiencies they will need to be corrected before an initial inspection is scheduled.


Initial Inspection

  • Once the applications and plans have been approved, an inspection of the proposed business will be scheduled.
  • A representative of our office will inspect the business to make sure that it meets all the requirements of Ohio Administrative Code 3701-09 (Tattoo and Body Piercing Rules).



  • When all the requirements are met, the inspector will grant you permission to operate and an “Approval to Operate” will be issued by Meigs County Health Department.
  • Meigs County Health Department is required to inspect tattoo and body piercing businesses once per year.
  • The approval is good from January 1st until December 31st of each year. These approvals are not pro-rated, so if you start a business in the middle of the year, you will still have to renew by January 1st.

What is the cost of an “Approval to Operate”?

  • Cost of an “Approval to Operate” is $75.00.


When does my Approval need to be renewed?

  • Approvals to operate a tattoo or body piercing business are issued from January 1st and expire on December 31st. The cost of the permit is $75.00. Meigs County Health Department will send out renewal applications in early December. Any application received after December 31st will be charged a $18.75 late fee.

What is a Time-Limited Event?

  • A time-limited event is a tattoo or body piercing business that operates on a time-limited basis, in conjunction with a specific event. Examples of such events are fairs, biker rallies, conventions and other gatherings. This requires a permit from Meigs County Health Department.


What are the requirements for a Time-Limited Event?

  • The requirements are the same as for a permanent business. Please note that we do require a hand sink with hot running water at these events.


What is the cost for a Time-Limited Approval?

  • The Time-Limited Approval fee is $100.00