Happy Cows Creamery Issues Voluntary Recall on Milk and Eggnog

New Vienna, Ohio (January 27, 2023)—Happy Cows Creamery, New Vienna, Ohio announces a voluntary recall of its Whole White Milk, Whole Chocolate Milk, Whole Strawberry Milk, Whole Vanilla Milk, Whole Mocha Milk, Whole Orange Milk and Eggnog. All milk products are sold in one gallon, half gallon, and pint-sized containers. The Eggnog is sold in half gallon and pint-sized containers. The code dates of all affected product will be from 01/09/2023 thru 02/13/2023. The recall is being issued due to
improper pasteurization of all the products identified above.

Products were distributed thru Market Wagon locations in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, and sold at other locations in the Southwest and South-Central Ohio areas. 

The issue was discovered during a routine inspection conducted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. There have been no reports of illness involving products addressed in this recall, however, individuals exhibiting signs or symptoms of foodborne illness after consuming the Happy Cows Creamery products identified above with code dates between 01/09/2023 and 02/13/2023 should contact a physician immediately.

If you have purchased this product, please return to the place of purchase to receive a refund. Happy Cow Creamery is dedicated to producing the highest quality local dairy products and we strive to bring satisfaction to our loyal customers. Questions from customers can be emailed to moocows@fuse.net or call 937-993-5058.

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