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The Meigs County Health Department is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Benefits to Accreditation

Here is a justification for Public Health Accreditation:

Benefits to Accreditation

Funding News

The Meigs County Health Department has made the very tough decision to NOT APPLY for the Fiscal Year 2017, 5-Year Competitive Cycle Reproductive Health and Wellness Program (RHWP) (Family Planning) through the Ohio Department of Health. Unfortunately, the new grant requirements are not realistic for us as they have placed unfunded mandates within the grant, such as procurement of Electronic Medical Records for example, with no increase in funds to do so. They’ve also placed requirements that require much more time to be spent on the grant, but again, no additional funds with which to complete them.

Additionally, we have seen only a 61% show rate of clients over this past year’s grant cycle. Our overall program numbers are down, and even if we reach people to confirm their appointments, they don’t show come the appointment time. We, therefore, are paying a provider to be on-site for clinic when very few show up. I have researched the numbers of people reached by the grant, and the majority do have Medicaid, which means they can seek this type of care through other providers.

It used to be that grants were the “icing on the cake,” but with the changes that ODH has been mandated to make by the Federal Government, we have found that this is no longer the case. As of this past January 1st, all grants beginning January 1, 2016, and after, are 100% reimbursable, meaning the Health Department must front 100% of the funds to operate the grant, which further means we must utilize public levy funds to not only operate the day-to-day costs, but also the grants.

We have sought input about whether or not to continue this grant both internally through many hours of conversation and debate, and externally through the Meigs County Consortium and the Get Healthy Meigs! Committee, so this decision has not been made lightly. We are exploring other ways to best serve the public and the needs of Meigs County in the realm of public health.

We wanted to let you know of our decision. Thank you for your time in reading this e-mail. We welcome any feedback for services that you feel are needed in Meigs County and also welcome the prospect of any collaborative effort with each of you or your agency that will benefit our community.

Project DAWN

The Meigs County Health Department has launched Project DAWN, which is a program that trains residents to administer naloxone (Narcan) nasally in the case of a suspected opioid overdose.  Trained individuals receive a Project DAWN kit that contains not only the medication, but also the supplies to offer other lifesaving measures, such as breathing masks for rescue breathing. We currently have 38 kits in stock, and those kits are FREE to community members who have an interest and are willing to come to the Health Department to be trained to use them. Training takes less than one hour and can be done on an individual basis or as a group. Please call Sherry Hayman, RN, at 740-992-6626 Ext. 1036 to set up an appointment.


Vaccine Insurance Concerns

The Meigs County Health Department uses Vaxcare to supply vaccines for adults and children aged birth through 18 who have commercial insurance coverage. We cannot currently afford to purchase vaccine that is not supplied by the Ohio Department of Health (which is only for children aged birth through 18 years with Medicaid and who meet various other criteria determined by the federal/state government).

 Please reference the list of commercial insurance and managed Medicaid companies accepted by Vaxcare. Call 992-6626 to further determine eligibility.

Ohio Insurance List

Shingles Immunizations

Meigs County Health Department has Zostavax vaccine to prevent herpes zoster (shingles).Each Tuesday is walk-in shot clinic from 9-11AM and 1-3PM.. On other weekdays, immunizations are given by appointment.

Please bring your Medicare D card or commercial insurance card or the fee is $178.00 (includes $10 administration fee).  A credit card is required for those with only Medicare B coverage.

 Zostavax is given to persons aged 60+ and to persons aged 50-59 with a prescription from the patient’s doctor.

 Call 740-992-6626 for more information.

Community Cancer Concerns

Information about community cancer concerns can be found on the Healthy Ohio website.


The Meigs County Health Department (an Equal Opportunity Employer) is accepting applications for a full-time Registered Public Health Sanitarian (RS) or Sanitarian-in-Training (SIT).  Applicants may submit electronically a resume and three letters of reference to: Job posting will remain open until filled. Position is available 2/16/16. Pay is commensurate with experience. Reference complete job description posted at Applicants must already be registered with the State of Ohio as a Registered Sanitarian or Sanitarian-in-Training.

POSITION DEFINITION: Responsible for performing field inspections of licensed retail food establishments (RFEs) and food service operations (FSOs) to enforce the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code, and to protect the health of the public. Work may also involve investigation of complaints, risk assessments, and screening of potential clients. Position may be reassigned to other programs within Environmental Health as operational needs warrant. Applicants must possess a valid motor vehicle operator's license, proof of insurance, and access to reliable transportation.

  1. Inspection and appropriate code enforcement of food service operations, retail food establishments, and school inspections.
  2. Document inspection records within HDIS.
  3. Develops and provides educational programs and materials regarding safe food preparation, handling, and storage practices, or other environmental health related practices including, but not limited to, level 1 and 2 food safety training.
  4. Consult with internal/external experts and agencies, including, but not limited to, the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Agriculture, regarding food protection codes or practices, or other environmental health and safety codes and practices.
  5. Attend mandatory staff meetings; attend CEU classes and maintain RS/SIT licensure.
  6. If position is reassigned, work may include healthy home assessments, including lead hazard assessments, inspection of swimming pools, body art establishments, and other environmental health issues and complaints. These inspections may include screening and enrolling potential clients who meet specific grant or codified criteria.

PHYSICAL WORK ENVIRONMENT: Required Physical Activity: climbing, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, talking, listening, and lifting up to 25 pounds. Employees move around and stand on foot for long periods of time in order to accomplish sanitarian field job requirements and may be exposed to weather elements.

For more information, contact Steve Swatzel, RS, and Director of Environmental Health at 740-992-6626 or email

Posted 1-22-16
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